3 Phases Of Madam Pharaoh's "Pink Warrior Belles"

Phase #1:  Launching September 5th.     (The next prime recruiting season.)

To become a member of Madam Pharaoh's "Pink Warrior Belles" you must join MP's affiliate income opportunity.  MP's
Phase #1 affiliate program is a great "Feeder System" into MP's own company launching in Phase #2 on December 7th.

It only cost a one-time fee of just $16 which includes a small funding fee.  The affiliate video will explain everything.

Joining MP's affiliate program gives each Belle the opportunity to earn income, learn valuable marketing skills - such
as navigating the internet, utilizing social media, selling and sponsoring techniques, etc.

Phase #2:  Launching December 7, 2017   (Soft launch in November)

On December 7th, Madam Pharaoh is unleashing the largest, most powerful humanitarian sponsored income opportunity
that the world has ever seen - raising Millions to feed and protect children everywhere.

Attached to our Humanitarian mission is an opportunity for the average woman to get out of debt and become financially independent. The income potential is off the chart.                     Six Figure Monthly Incomes Are Possible.

"Starting & running Your MLM Business"


Initially, we will market informational E-books and eventually products that cater to the needs of women. The E-books will include such topics (but not limited to) Child Rearing; Craft & Hobbies; Family & Relationships; Food & Wine; Gardening; Health & Fitness; House & Home; Business & Economics; Philosophy; Self-Help; Social Science; Sports & Recreation; Study Aids; Travel; Internet Training; Cooking & Recipes; Social Media; The Environment; Law; Computer Skills; Body-Mind-Spirit; Current Events; College Info; Investing; Psychology & Psychiatry; Games; Family Budgets; Goal Setting; How to Start a Business; History; Gardening; etc.

                                                                                  Phase # 3: 

*  2018:   Implement MP's Post Card and In-home parties programs.
*  2018:  
Madam Pharaoh's International Convention:  The International convention will be the highlight of the century, with
               Celebrities, Entertainers, Break-out training sessions, Shows, Refugee Testimonies, Motivational Speakers, Prizes
             & Trips, plus Special Awards to top Belles in different categories, etc.